PDX ASC/EWOKS Joint Medical/ Mental Health Study

PDX Alliance for Self-Care and EWOKS are doing a research study on mental health diagnostics and treatment analytics affect communities of color, their mental health diagnosis, and the treatment analytics, particularly as they related to survey methodologies and the Eurocentric normative standards upon which diagnoses are made. We are also doing this work within the medical field.

This work will involve analyzing current literature surrounding this subject, with an analysis of the effects of misdiagnosis trends present in medical and mental health based in survey style data gathering and the Eurocentric normative standards that are the stronghold of the fields of diagnostics. We are also working together to develop surveys that can be used in a medical and mental health program which will be announced later this year as it is still in the Research and Development phase. This blog post will be updated with: PDX ASC/EWOKS needs to offer Community to have the opportunity to be part of the mental health revolution, results as we gain and have prepared publications to deliver those results. We will label these updates with the date and time of request in this blog post, and will post a final update with a link to the results publication here on our site.

UPDATE: 2/2/2021 @ 11:00 pm.UPDATE: 2/2/2021 @ 11:00 pm.
This project is currently in need of consultants to help us gather data. If you are a BIPOC mental health or medical health professional that has experience working with people who have been misdiagnosed with mental health or medical issues, or have not received the proper treatment type due to racial disparities, we would like to speak to you. We are specifically looking for information on how current diagnostic standards within medical and mental health are based on Eurocentric presentations without context for the social, economic, or racial factors involved in medical and mental health status, prognosis and treatment efficacy. We’ve got a special interest in creating survey analytics that do not disregard these important factors in the evaluation of medical and mental health. If you believe you have information or experience which might aid us in our research and development phase, please reach out to the project manager at Cate@pdxasc.org

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