Community Affiliations

EWOKS’ work would not possible without our Community Affiliations and Partnerships!

Community Orgs

PDX Alliance for Self-Care (PDX ASC)

PDX ASC is a registered non-profit, connecting vulnerable communities in Portland with self-care resources, practitioners, and events. They are based in education and self-empowerment through radical mutual aid.

Boots on the Ground PDX (BOTG PDX)

Boots on the Ground PDX (BOTG PDX) is a grassroots organization based in Portland, Oregon. BOTG PDX services the houseless population based on a harm-reductive, trauma-informed service model. They work toward service provision, social service connection and alleviating the suffering of the victims of economic disparities.

Don’t Shoot! Portland (DS!P)

Don’t Shoot Portland is a Black-led human rights nonprofit that advocates for accountability. Since 2014, we have implemented art, education and civic participation within our programming to create social change.

Advocacy 5

We create mutual aid networks for those living on the streets in the form of connections to community, stable housing, food security and access to mental health providers.

Community Health Studies

Don’t Shoot Portland’s
health & environmental effects of tear gas

DS!P has published a preliminary study on the health and environmental effects of the excessive use of tear gas on Portland’s streets over the course of the social justice protests. You can found out more about the results of that preliminary study by clicking “View more” below.

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PDX ASC/EWOKS Joint Medical/MH Study

PDX Alliance for Self-Care and EWOKS are doing a research study on mental health diagnostics and treatment analytics affect communities of color, their mental health diagnosis, and the treatment analytics, particularly as they related to survey methodologies and the Eurocentric normative standards upon which diagnoses are made. This work will involve analyzing current literature surrounding this subject as well as survey development to be used in a mental health project to be announced later this month. Stay tuned in this section for updates.

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