EWOKS – Equitable Workers Offering Kommunity Support

The Portland EWOKS were named after the bear-like creatures native to the forest moon of Endor that managed to overthrow an empire through massive and radical mutual aid. In our Big-Yet-Small Portland Community, EWOKS are Equitable Workers Offering Kommunity Support, because acronyms make copyright infringement man seek justice elsewhere, and EWOKS can continue serving our community.

We are integrated teams of Medical and Crisis workers that perform holistic medical and mental health care in service of the Black Lives Matter protests, the push toward social equity and the end of systemic and racial oppression, white supremacy and the abolishment of the brutal police regime. We are affiliated with PDX Alliance for Self-Care (PDX ASC), Don’t Shoot Portland (DS!P), Boots on the Ground PDX (BOTG PDX) and Advocacy 5 (Ad5), and we work in conjunction with a veritable rainbow of AGs in the mutual aid and protest circles.