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Our Values

We are abolitionists. We believe in the adage that “Strong communities make policing obsolete.”

We work constantly within ourselves and our communities to work toward Black liberation so that we all might be liberated.

We honor intersectionality. We strive to be trauma-informed toward the people we serve, but also to each other. The work we do is often stressful and traumatizing in and of itself; these principles enable us to keep moving forward in a healthy, sustainable manner.


Medical and Crisis

To help ensure the safety of those we serve, we only accept medics and crisis workers who have been previously certified at a professional level (EMTs, RNs, WFR at minimum) or who have significant professional experience. Part of our long-term goal is to administer training for this high level of care, thereby helping to loosen white supremacy’s monopoly on producing such professionals, but at present we are relying on those with previous knowledge and experience.

If you are unsure if you meet our requirements, please reach out! We’re happy to have a conversation and find a way to best utilize any individual’s skills.


We have a wide variety of people that pitch in to support the operation of the EWOKS! This includes both on-the-ground (OTG) and remote positions.

OTG – roles include ground comms and protector. These are pretty self-explanatory, and are essential roles to ensure the safety of our patients as well as the EWOKS team itself.

Remote – any other support position that happens off-ground: administration, social media management, cyber security, supply and inventory management, planning and organizing events. This also includes HQ Comms, who monitors teams who are on the ground and keeps them informed of any needs or conditions of note that come to our attention in the course of an event. Again, we can use any and all skills here; many hands make light work!

To apply

Download the application file linked below, fill it out, and email the completed form to

Depending on capacity, we will review and respond to your application. We appreciate your patience as this process often falls by the wayside when crises inevitably arise, but we are eager to welcome more into our ranks!