Statement 4/23/21

We work to keep everyone in our community safe, especially our B/IPoC community who is disproportionately targeted by the police. The same absolutely cannot be said of Mayor Wheeler. If he truly cared about the healing and recovery of this community, he would hold accountable the racist, militarized police force of which he is commissioner. He would be holding Officer Zachary DeLong accountable, who just last week shot and killed an innocent man in Lents Park. This is the very least he should be doing, and yet he refuses. In fact, Ted and the police who serve under him have protected fascists for years. Rather than protect the most vulnerable in our city, he has waged war against the houseless in a remarkable display of racism, classism, and ableism. Because of this, community members doing volunteer outreach keep each other safe in spite of Ted’s efforts.

On April 23rd, the mayor decided to make a statement that was abhorrent and dangerous, and which highlighted the people whom Ted Wheeler truly serves: the property owners and well-off Portlanders who care more for their own prosperity than they care for those people who are constantly endangered by the Portland Police Bureau. The mayor has demonstrated the only community he serves is economically privileged, white and often fascist. His comments haven’t just put a target on the backs of those he disagrees with; they also incite random violence, harassment, and vigilantism against people who happen to look vaguely like protesters. The mayor has demonstrated yet again that he will not do what is right for the community as a whole. We call for his immediate resignation. – The Portland EWOKS

City Hall Contact Info
Ted Wheeler

Mingus Mapps

Carmen Rubio

Jo Ann Hardesty

Issued 5/3/2021 in conjunction with a multitude of other community groups and individuals. The full statement can be read here:

Update: The collection of statements was published on It’s Going Down on May 6th.

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