Community Projects

EWOKS participates in many community projects and holds health and wellness workshop events monthly. Find out more below!

Protest Work

Though most of our players were doing Mutual Aid for many years before the EWOKS formation, the protests are what EWOKS formed to serve, and we will continue providing medical and crisis care street side as long as our community has need of us in that function. If you are looking to have EWOKS present at your AG’s DA, please reach out to us on socials with a flyer or information.

We are also forming long term plans for how to continue to serve this community through the transition we’re all working hard toward, and we will stay dedicated in every way we can for many years to come.

EWOKS in Mutual Aid and Disaster Relief

The nature of our team formats were designed for disaster relief and remote field and medical practice. This also makes us highly effective in mutual aid and disaster relief. EWOKS were present in Service and in media this summer for our work in disaster relief for the wildfires. We are also continually working on forming professional relationships with the AGs and NGOs the keep Portland a place where We Take Care Of Us. If you are interested in collaborating on an event or project that does not involve a Direct Action, please contact us at

Mutual Aid Network Mental Health and Wellness Services

EWOKS would like to invite all BIPOC community organizers and those acting within the mutual aid network to take advantage of the mental health platform developed by PDX ASC. Please visit the following website to learn how:

Anti-Racist Deescalation Training

As our community starts to open back up, many are realizing they need more tools in order to implement the principles of anti-racism that they may have come to value more since the beginning of 2020. We are developing a training for community members and businesses who wish to divest themselves from white supremacist institutions. If you’re interested in setting up a training for your workplace or group, please send an email to Cate –