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Welcome to the EWOKS Resource Library! We are excited to share with you videos, pdfs, and blog resources for self-care, protest care, community care, and general wellness. Explore, learn, and contact us if you have any questions, or requests for specific classes and content!

EWOKS Workshop Videos

Visit our YouTube page for a collection of videos around self-care and wellbeing, learn tools that you can apply to your life, and utilize in service of community!

Pod Mapping with Tamia Dearly

EWOKS PDF Resources

The following files are slide decks from the workshop series we started in November 2020. These cover a wide range of topics around mental health and psychological first aid. If you would like to suggest a topic for a future workshop, we would love to receive your feedback! Send us an email at

Crisis De-escalation

This presentation focuses on theory and skills behind crisis deescalation. In it we cover trauma-informed care principles, recognition of escalation in people around us, and how to best handle oneself in an escalation situation.


This presentation focuses on conflict-based communication, digital conversations, and harm-reductive interactions.

Communities fighting for racial justice, rights to dignified living conditions, and a system that works for all people have enough enemies without making enemies of each other. 

In this presentation, we explore ways to maintain effective, productive communication that honors all parties while still remaining assertive and firm in one’s beliefs and boundaries. 

Coping Skills

This presentation focuses on coping skills as we individually, and as a community, cope with the continued and increasing instability in the world. We focus on learning to cope with intense emotions and inner turmoil in order to improve our daily lives.

Boundaries, Relationships & Toxic Signs,

This presentation focuses on boundary setting, recognizing toxic conditions and, relationship paradigms.

Body Work

This presentation focuses on self body work and creating a practice to relieve physical stress using the body’s malleability to your benefit.

Community Resources

These have been provided or compiled by other community members. They’re highlighted here for easy reference!

Chemical Weapons – Identification and Effects

This is a collection of information that we have compiled, or content that we have created ourselves.