Are the EWOKS a non-profit?

The EWOKS themselves do not have non-profit status but operate as a non-profit. We umbrella under the nonprofit 501(c)(3) status of PDX Alliance for Self-Care (PDX ASC), and operate with the non-profit contacts of PDX ASC and Boots on the Ground PDX (BOTG PDX). If you are looking to donate financial resources to the EWOKS (to be used for PPE, community wellness and education events, and replacement of medical supplies used street side), you can make a registered non-profit donation to PDX ASC with the tagline “For the Portland EWOKS”, direct to EWOKS through Cashapp $PDXEWOKS, and physical good donations of medical supplies and PPE by contacting us.

I am a Direct Action Organizer and I want EWOKS’ Support. How do I go about that?

In line with our ethical values, EWOKS do not sponsor or endorse direct actions (DAs). Because our work requires us to offer true humanitarian aid, we cannot objectively provide ethical medical and crisis care while also sponsoring, endorsing, or running DAs which are rightfully non-objective. In lieu of having the ability to sponsor, endorse or create DAs, we provide our support at these events because these are causes that are very important to EWOKS. Though we cannot sponsor, endorse or form DAs, we will continue to serve our communities at DAs.

I am a Community Education/Event Organizer and I want EWOKS Support. How do I go about that? 

EWOKS love to uplift community events that benefit Black, Indigenous and People of Color and uplift the marginalized toward equality and justice. Please contact us to discuss the limits of EWOKS participation and support, and how we can be of use to your efforts.